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Perhaps Robert's wife was right to be nervous. Might it have been a Kevlar-wearing battle pig such as this?


Pigs aren't mean. GEESE are mean. And deer will trample you. Hasn't she ever read Robert Munch's "PIGS" book?


No kevlar on these pigs -- and they were pretty sweet. Perhaps they were conscientious objector pigs.

And yes -- the geese were certainly a pushy and vocal contingent at the petting farm. Daughter L. is still talking about those geese. It was something of a stand-off -- they would menace her, we would menace them, they would scatter & regroup, etc.

Not familiar with the pig book. I would ask "any good?," but then I realize you are recommending it. So: good.


Honestly, it's not pigs who are mean (c'mon, Wilbur!) it's hogs. A fellow farmer my paternal grandparents knew was eaten by his hogs after falling into their feed trough. No lie. I've been hearing that story all my life, and I've always had a healthy fear of hogs. It's an envelope you don't want to push.

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