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Great post.

And pink pancakes sound remarkably nutritious to me.


Endeavors arise from different motives and accomplished with varying degrees of grace. Your readers know what's what.


Dude. Pink pancakes. Will you come be my dad now?

Martin Kelley

Oooh, what's the recipe for pink pancakes? I could try to wean Baby T from his current diet, which consists 100% of Spinach Lasagna, aka "Ba-AHHH."

Mrs. Kennedy

You're smart. Will you write my blog for me?


And wouldn't "the implacable 'i'" be a GREAT blog title? Wish I'd thought of it a little while ago.

Your comments are 100% spot on. Thanks.

Psycho Kitty

Hello, new Person I Adore.


Geez, thanks all. But I'm not that smart -- three or four drops of red food coloring in the liquids bowl before you mix the batter and bingo: Pinkcakes(TM).

It helps if one of the parents in your playgroup calls and says she has "extra eggs" at home and brings a dozen to playgroup. You end up feeling a certain obligation to using them while everyone's playing.

Hence, pancakes.


What I don't get is the don't read it factor, as in if you don't like it, don't read it. Anyway, print media is being forced to confront a very real phenomena (blogs) full of people who write a hell of a lot better than most paid jounralists. This causes them great anxiety.

Mrs. Kennedy

"What I don't get is the don't read it factor, as in if you don't like it, don't read it."

Do you mean that even if I don't like something I should read it anyway? Is that like being told to eat my spinach? Because it's not all spinach out there. A lot of it is barbecue flavored pork rinds.


Even those who haven't read Joan Didion may have heard of a little girl called Harriet the Spy who discovered the same truth. My babies already have their own notebooks. So there, NYT!

On a related note, they like green; I wonder how they'd feel about spinach pancakes? Then I could be idealistic and indulgent!

Donnis/ Marc

Jeez--and I was thinking the red was from the pureed organic beets...


Such a smart take on the NYT piece. I haven't even dared comment on it at my place-- what's to say that hasn't already (in a week!) been said better? (but not better than this! I hasten to add.)

I also like the Mimi Smartypants approach: something along the lines of, "Of course it's self absorbed, it's *my diary.* Maybe I should be writing someone else's diary?"


Um could I have the recipe for the pink pancakes?


They sat at me. Pleased tomeet you for some mistake.

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