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Dude, you're a much better fan than I am. I was at home, crashed out on the couch.

AWESOME photo!


I so wish I had been there. I was, instead, also on the couch, although my own, not frog's.


Dude, that is an awesome post. Nothing like meeting one of your heros. Especially, when you're the only 'old guy'-'true blogging dad' in the audience.
Now, I'll have to check out DTWOF.


Well, I'm glad somebody went.

You are totally hilarious and so midwestern.


Dude, AB blogged about you! You're not only totally cool, now you're famous!

alison b.

Now I'm feeling vaguely embarrassed too. Joseph Cornell crossed with the lexicographers at the OED, I like that! It was lovely to meet you. Thanks so much for coming to my thing.

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